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Raise Your Hand... for a new challenge!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

How did I get here?

That’s been the million-dollar question since I started telling people that I was writing a book. I mean, I wasn’t an English major. I didn’t consider myself a writer. And it truly wasn’t something I aspired to at the time I decided to give it a go. It wasn’t until I met a lady named Jayne that I decided to turn my life upside down into some sort of twisted hand-stand and become a published author.

The Workshop that Changed My Life

I was heading to a full-day workshop with my business coach, Michelle, which was co-facilitated by a woman named Jayne Sanders. She’s a purpose coach and hand analyst and a super cool lady. My intent when I entered the building was to sign up for a few additional sessions with Michelle, as she was a driving force in helping me succeed in my wine business, and, as a licensed therapist, she was helping me heal from Secondary PTSD. However, when I started listening to Jayne, I thought maybe I should work with her instead. At the end of the day, these two amazing ladies offered a program to work with them both, and it included a hand analysis. I signed up immediately.

Hand Analysis?

Now, when I say “hand analysis” I know a lot of people picture me in a tarot shop with some gypsy doing palm readings. NOT the case at all. We never conjured up any dead relatives and Jayne didn’t predict frightening events in my future (thank goodness). No, this is scientific hand analysis, which was featured in Forbes Magazine as a way to help Fortune 500 companies tailor jobs for their C-Level employees to the individual's personal strengths and weaknesses.

Jayne explained that, unlike your fingerprints, handprints change throughout your lifetime in response to different traumas and events that help mold and shape your personality. Handprints mimic the neural pathways in the brain, and they can identify your gifts and talents.

Jayne enlightens me that there are 18 possible gifts in the hand; things like creativity, intuition, and analysis. If a person has more than three gifts showing up in their hands and they haven't figured out how to use them, that person could suffer from life complications, such as anxiety. I had been suffering from acute anxiety for years and also felt derailed in my career by life circumstances, including the kid I ended up writing a book about. So Jayne says I have eleven gifts. That explains a LOT.

My Gifts

Some of the things she mentioned were of no surprise to me. I’m hard on myself. I’m a perfectionist. I’m creative… it was freakishly accurate. But then she tells me I have a gift for writing. There must be some mistake. I never even kept a diary because of the scary idea that someone would read my thoughts someday and think I’m an idiot.

But Jayne insisted this is part of my life purpose. I told her I had considered writing a book, and was even urged by my neighbor across the street, who had heard many strange, sad, and funny stories about dealing with our kid who suffered from reactive attachment disorder. But it wasn’t seriously something I’d ever do.

Jayne insists I give it a try. I don’t have to publish a book to start incorporating writing into my life… just get it down on paper and see how it feels. I decided that when school was out for Christmas Break, I’d spend a few hours a day writing this crazy book and see how it went.

My New Direction

You would not believe how easy this was for me. I made a quick outline and then just sat at the computer and let the ideas flow. And they flowed! It was extremely therapeutic. In five weeks, I had a completed manuscript, and that included taking ten days off to visit family for the holidays. My husband read it and told me I should find a publisher and make it happen.

So here I am now, less than a year later, promoting my published book! And I discovered that I, in fact, LOVE to write. I feel like I’m living my purpose and a huge weight has been lifted as I transition to this exciting new path. If you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or stagnant in your life, I highly recommend you give Jayne a hand!

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